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​飲み放題 と ちょい飲みセット始めました!


To our Muslim customers,

Please be advised that Fridays are particularly busy for us and it can be very difficult for us to accommodate halal requests during this time. We kindly ask that you avoid visiting us on Fridays if possible. Thank you for your understanding.

* Hari libur tidak teratur mulai April 2022.
* Cuti tidak tetap dari April 2022.
* Irregular holidays from April 2022.

午前11時〜午後2時LO-午後2時半閉店| 月〜金
Monday to Friday=11:00 am - 2:00pm
If sold out, it will close early

午後5時から10時LO 午後11時閉店 | 毎日  
Dinner & Pub Down Under 
Every Day=5:00- 10:00pm Lo


It is an izakaya in Ikeda city.
Salmon dishes, shrimp dishes, seasonal vegetable dishes,
New low-temperature cooking and creative dishes of aged meat are introduced every month.

池田市 宴会 飲み放題は「のらばる」へ!

Exciting news! A new local specialty dish from Ikeda City has been created and will be added to our menu starting from June 1st. Stay tuned and get ready to savor this delicious addition!

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